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's giving cal the chance to gear up for the second round in the ncaa tournament. >>> plus -- >> on bob redell just powering through friday morning to get to the weekend for this wonderful weather and the show here at alameda county fairgrounds. hold onto your seats. live reporting coming up. >> hold onto your steering wheel. winds whipped through the bay area today only to be followed by a beautiful beach week. we'll have the latest on your ski totals and what you can expect right here in the bay area when we come right back. >>> it's friday. for some of us that means it's time to get out of town. our own bob redell is doing it in style. he joins us from good guys riyadh and custom show at the fairgrounds. tell us about the rod you were just riding in. >> yeah, good morning, jannelle. good to see you. i've got to tell you, one thing i like about this car, doesn't have the new car smell. that's kind of the whole idea when you're at the rod and custom show because you've got a true classic muscle car. you're looking at a 1969 chevy camaro, 700 horsepower on the hood, full race car suspen
intelligence. his family and friends say robert loved everyone except people who called him bob. >> we won't call him bob. >> thank you very much. >>> all right. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> the clouds are already forming. >> they are thickening up, ladies. good morning to you, laura, martinez. a good day shaping up. the only day without any rain chances, even though we have a very slight chance towards midnight. 11:30 to midnight might be getting our first activity. show you what i mean in a minute. for the moment, 54 in nevada, 64 in concord, not bad in san jose, 55 degrees. you're at 60 in sunnyvale. here is the weathermaker offshore. continue to pump clouds all day long, making the big ridge of high pressure, what we call a dirty ridge. even though we're slated to hit 60s and 70s. that breeze will pick up. you will notice clouds thicker by the time the day is done. mostly cloudy, look like rain, smell like rain. hold off on showers. 64 in fremont. another one on the way, cutoff low expected for the weekend. here is how we're timing things out. subtr
and a local team right now drawing a lot of support. nbc bay area's bob redell is now joining us live from hp pavilion with all the hoops highlights. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. these march madness basketball fans sure like to procrastinate. tip-off in five minutes here at the hp pavilion. still quite a lot of people out front. hundreds of people streaming in at the last minute. you've got college teams from the east coast, midwest, southwest, the west coast and of course one right here in the bay area that you were alluding to. you might have caught the blue and gold in the crowd there. fans showing their support for a number 12 seed, cal bears, who later this afternoon will take on the number five seed, unlv. both teams practicing yesterday during a session that was free and open to the public. cal is seeking redemption to make up for a poor showing during last year's ncaa tourney when they were taken out early on. even coach montgomery speaking to us yesterday admitted that they were not mentally prepared at the time. this game against unlv is also significant because it
was your new year's? - wonderful. my dear friend, the deep-sea explorer bob ballard, brought over a 2,000-year-old amphora of wine from a sunken phoenician trading vessel. [chuckles] the wine turned out to be quite toxic. [coughing] my guests and i spent the stroke of midnight in my garden... vomiting. - oh, my god, sorry. - don't be. the whole night-- the purging, the new year, the vivid hallucinations of astarte-- the phoenician goddess of sex and war-- it all wiped the slate clean. - so...nancy donovan... - what happened before christmas was a mistake. she hasn't contacted me since, so clearly she agrees it's over. - well, that's healthy. a clean break. - exactly. a clean break. so what about you, lemon? is your 2010 off to a good start? - well, i spent new year's eve with my family, which was actually very special. my cousin randy, this kid from this rural coal mining town, came out to us. and i think old liz lemon had a little something to do with that. randy's gay, everybody! he's gay. i think everyone knew. [elevator dings] - finally! over the break, i forgot what floor i worke
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4